E. B. Putnam & Company


​​​E. B. Putnam & Company, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, is a nationwide Executive Search Firm that is well-known for our unwavering commitment to quality and our focus on "fit" when placing professionals into new career opportunities. We seamlessly blend the relationship-driven recruiting experience you would expect of a boutique recruiting firm with the capabilities and extensive reach that matches that of our largest competitors. Combined with fidelity to our Company Values and our consistent success in serving both our clients and candidates, we are the "go-to" executive search firm for many of the most highly regarded employers in America.

Our Values

Here at E. B. Putnam & Company, we look to eight key values that serve as our collective compass. They provide guidance and influence everything we do, both as a business and as an employer:

​  Honesty:  The truth is always the best way to get there.            

  Common Sense:  Sometimes the simplest solution is the right solution.

  Accountability:  To achieve lasting success we must be responsible, reliable, and honor our commitments.

  Quality:  High standards lead to high rewards.

  Positive Attitude:  One of the few things in life over which we have complete control, and that impacts all that we do.

  Work Hard:​  This is a competitive business. Oftentimes the person who wins is the person who gave the greatest effort.

  Teamwork:  Be there for others and they'll be there for you.

  Relationships:  Clients, candidates, and each other -- valuing and fostering relationships is at the core of our success.



Our Mission

To profitably grow our business by understanding and serving the needs of the clients and candidates with whom we work.